WHO is committed to end female genital mutilation and child marriages

To empower women and girls, the World Health Organization (WHO) at this occasion announced various commitments, focusing on ending gender-based violence; advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights; and supporting health workers... Read more »
7:12 pm

UNHCR report highlights threats to forcibly displaced women and children amidst pandemic

Worldwide 75 per cent of all refugees and migrants are women and children. The UNHCR fears that years of work and achievements to protect them from gender inequality, violence and other threats,... Read more »
5:59 pm

New law to reform Britain’s immigration system and keep illegal migrants out

For the first time in British history, the Nationality and Border Bill will include a provision to build immigration processing centres for asylum seekers outside the UK, for example in Africa. This... Read more »
3:05 pm

6 million Yemeni children are feared to be deprived of education

“The conflict has a staggering impact on every aspect of children’s lives, yet access to education provides a sense of normalcy for children in even the most desperate contexts and protects them... Read more »
2:24 pm

Six more children became victims of Syria’s bloody war

“This is just tragic. These attacks are the worst since a ceasefire was brokered in March last year. An escalation of violence will only result in cutting short the lives of more... Read more »
1:33 pm

‘COVID-19 has not been vanquished’ Biden Tells America on 4th of July

Since its global outbreak in March 2020, the coronavirus has impacted the United States more than any other country, with over 33.7 million Americans having been infected. The COVID-19 death toll in... Read more »
1:24 pm

29 killed in Philippines military plane crash

MANILA: A Philippines Air Force Lockheed C-130 transport aircraft carrying troops to counter-insurgency operations crashed with 96 people aboard at Patikul, Sulu province, killing at least 29 people on Sunday in what... Read more »
4:39 pm

Are COVID-19 digital health passports a good idea?

With the coronavirus, the proposed certificates would attest one of three things: that the holder has been vaccinated, has tested negative for the virus or has recovered from it. Read more »
4:27 pm

US Commission on Religious Freedom applauds US move to ban Chinese solar panels produced by forced labor

USCIRF Vice Chair, stated, “No business—whether it is a China-based or U.S.-based company—should turn a blind eye to this abuse. Companies should conduct their due diligence to verify beyond a reasonable doubt... Read more »
7:31 pm

Thai police fire chemical irritants, rubber bullets at peaceful protesters

Though most of the protests were peaceful, authorities used unlawful forces to disperse the protester, by firing water cannon on 16 October, 8 November, 17 November 2020 and 28 February 2021. Rubber... Read more »
3:03 pm

No safe water, sanitation and hygiene in 2030 for Billions of people unless efforts quadruple

COVID-19 further highlighted the dire need to provide these, as when the pandemic started, 30% people world-wide did not have water to wash hands with soap and water at home. Read more »
1:04 pm

Eswatini’s security forces kill dozens protesters, injure, detain and torture hundreds

Amnesty International's Director for East and Southern Africa, Deprose Muchena said, “The government of Eswatini has launched a full-frontal assault on human rights in response to ongoing pro-democracy protests. Dozens of people... Read more »
12:25 pm

Burundi activist’s release from jail, a victory for human rights

Germain’s friends and family tirelessly campaigned for his release, supported by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. It is a victory for human rights. Read more »
7:08 pm

Women migrant care workers in Austria are under compensated and under protected

Western Europe Researcher at Amnesty International, Marco Perolini said,“Women migrant workers are currently under compensated and under protected. We call on the Austrian authorities to meet their human rights obligations and guarantee... Read more »
8:15 pm

India needs to protect its bio research from US predators

The U.S. military has been funding biological research of civil-military dual use in India since Cold War era with a bad record. Read more »
6:59 pm
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