Traders threaten nationwide strike over pulse stock limit

“While the government buys 10 percent of the grain from the farmers at MSP price and the remaining 90 percent is bought by brokers, millers, corporates, traders that are supplied till the... Read more »
4:40 pm

Karnataka and 7 other states get new Governors

Gehlot is among the 8 new governors appointed by the President in what is seen at a major reshuffle of governors. Read more »
3:23 pm

Mumbai police exposes vaccination scam

On Monday, a report by the international newsagent CNN shared shocking details regarding a vaccine scam in Mumbai, which is under investigation by the Mumbai Police. From late May to beginning of... Read more »
1:31 pm

6 million Yemeni children are feared to be deprived of education

“The conflict has a staggering impact on every aspect of children’s lives, yet access to education provides a sense of normalcy for children in even the most desperate contexts and protects them... Read more »
2:24 pm

Six more children became victims of Syria’s bloody war

“This is just tragic. These attacks are the worst since a ceasefire was brokered in March last year. An escalation of violence will only result in cutting short the lives of more... Read more »
1:33 pm

‘COVID-19 has not been vanquished’ Biden Tells America on 4th of July

Since its global outbreak in March 2020, the coronavirus has impacted the United States more than any other country, with over 33.7 million Americans having been infected. The COVID-19 death toll in... Read more »
1:24 pm

Are COVID-19 digital health passports a good idea?

With the coronavirus, the proposed certificates would attest one of three things: that the holder has been vaccinated, has tested negative for the virus or has recovered from it. Read more »
4:27 pm

More needs to be done to ensure equal literacy in India

Indian children like all others have the hunger to learn and have intelligent minds and are talented, these resources have to be nurtured and built on. An environment needs to be created... Read more »
4:13 pm

Puri Rath Yatra: Prohibitory orders to keep devotees away

About 2200 servitors besides temple officials and police personnel would undergo the Covid test before the car festival. Read more »
3:40 pm

“Culture and traditions can be protected only through preserving languages”

The Vice President noted that while it is important to preserve one’s own language and tradition, it is equally important to respect the language and culture of others Read more »
3:27 pm

“Focus on India after Covid”

The global impact of the pandemic has been a cross-cutting theme at ICWA in all its deliberations and areas of research Read more »
3:05 pm

JPC probe demanded after French reopen Rafale deal case

the matter is now being investigated in France, by a French judge, with French investigation agencies is in tow. The BJP cannot expect the same calumny of lies and coverup it has... Read more »
2:36 pm

General MM Naravane on visit to UK and Italy

The overall purpose of these visits is to deepen relationships and enhance India’s defense cooperation. Read more »
2:30 pm

Covaxin’s Brazil scandal: Why are vaccine exports still continuing?

The Congress further wanted to know how Bharat Biotech was given an export license on June 4th when there was blanket ban in place against exports of the vaccine. Read more »
4:22 pm

New French probe into India’s Rafale deal opens a new can of worms

There is no doubt that this will now lead to another assault on Modi's carefully crafted image of being honest - an image that has been steadily disintegrating in the face of... Read more »
2:32 pm
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