Matter of time before Gogoi has egg on his face over Rafale deal?

At the end of it all, a determined next government could make Gogoi face charges of criminal conspiracy. Read more »
2:40 pm

Why are corporates being spared while the common man is being squeezed?

Such massive tax cuts to the corporates cannot be justified on any other grounds than self-interest. After all the coprorates don't distribute their profits to the common man and Social Corporate Responsibility... Read more »
3:15 pm

The man the Congress regrets…

The price of his inaction as PM, or collusion if it was, is being paid by a India today torn asunder by religion and communalism. Posterity owes him no dues. Read more »
5:12 pm

Wallowing in temple politics does not serve national interest

The PM and his government need to ask themselves what have they done with the good earth and the people that they appropriated in the name of God via the Ram temple Read more »
1:52 pm

Finding faults in India’s defeat to NZ in title clincher

Today cricket in India is quite a circus. We have players who are talented cricketers, but at the same time they are aspiring models, influencers and businessmen rolled into one. The... Read more »
12:05 am

Setting vaccination targets is easy, achieving them is something the govt cannot

It is about time the government gets a hold of the problem. Or it should resign and make way for others who will do the job. Setting targets is one thing, achieving... Read more »
3:53 pm

Food on the table matters the most

The CAA may have been a condemnable step to usher in Hindurashtra by categorizing citizenship on religious basis, but at the same time it also remains that the CAA-NRC is also a... Read more »
2:57 pm

In quest for life, livelihood was wasted

"We may or may not die of Corona but it's now sure we may die due to lock-down": This statement by people is really true. Loan moratorium isn't solution. Working capital has... Read more »
1:46 pm

Mr Gadkari, first end the contractor-politician nexus, accident reduction will follow

Gadkari did not elicit at length what these 'black spot's are, but one eternal black spot that is visible is the competence, quality of the contractor as well as the role of... Read more »
12:12 pm

Did our soldiers die in vain in Galwan?

As long a incompetent, cowardly, weak and divisive government remains at the centre, the death of our soldiers who died in Galwan will certainly have been in vain for we have not... Read more »
6:27 pm

It’s not Twitter or free speech but the government that has taken a beating

A government and political party that has done its job well does not need to waste its time over tweets. That is the work of the incompetent and the indolent bigots. And... Read more »
7:25 pm

Campaigning for UP elections officially open?

This is the same UP "Thain Thain" Police who spent ages wondering if the meat in Akhlaq's fridge was beef or goat and decided to arrest his family. Read more »
3:49 am

Glimmer of hope for Kulbhushan Jadav

The government must exploit to the hilt these new avenues to come to the aid of its citizen. Perhaps the government can also consider a pro-quid-pro prisoner exchange. Read more »
7:25 pm

Farmer’s forced a change in political alliances in Punjab

SAD-BSP alliance has revealed the power of the farmer community in India to make or break political parties and governments. The SAD-BSP allaince only underscores the fact. Read more »
7:02 pm

Jitin (who?) learnt nothing from the Scindia episode

There is only one reason that Jitin Prasada has gone over to the BJP. Having been blind to the changing political fortunes of the BJP, he has placed his long-term bets on... Read more »
9:03 pm
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