Missing the woods for the trees

Let the law takes its own course. We can't let this massive number of deaths pass into history as deaths due to pandemic. These are deaths cause by the 'System' and people... Read more »
5:56 pm

New French probe into India’s Rafale deal opens a new can of worms

There is no doubt that this will now lead to another assault on Modi's carefully crafted image of being honest - an image that has been steadily disintegrating in the face of... Read more »
2:32 pm

Hindus in danger only from their supposed leaders

Think once how the leaders of your community started driving Land Rovers and Beamers with Z+ securities while promising to remove your poverty and keeping you safe and secure... Think just once Read more »
5:49 pm

Non-profit hospitals come to the aid of the masses

-Oliver D’Souza While the nation grapples with the inadequacy of healthcare infrastructure in the country to cope with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic wreaking havoc, a study released by the NITI UDYOG reveals... Read more »
3:52 pm

More needy and promising towns than Ayodhya that need attention

Numerous Hindu temples and shrines of importance, along with forts and other priceless structures continue to decay and self-destruct all over the state. Read more »
2:47 pm

Dowry and toxic mardaangi

The real problem in a dowry death is not the girl who keeps quiet when beaten or the girl's family who turns a blind eye. It's the family of the man and... Read more »
7:28 pm

Citizen’s welfare last in priorities of BJP Govt

So, the Govt has the money to build themselves a spanking new office and a residence for Modi, but when it comes to paying the citizens of the country, whose livelihoods have... Read more »
8:40 pm

An example India can follow in the battle against caste discrimination

we as a nation are not really committed to emancipating the plight of the poor and suffering. Discrimination and exploitation of the lower castes is in the national psyche. Read more »
4:37 pm

Increase in Swiss Bank deposits is a master stroke!- Satire

Rather than criticizing Modi, appreciate him for his hard work which is better than Harvard, and wait for the next elections for him to announce your upgraded Pekej. Read more »
2:22 pm

Release of activists leads to a piquant legal situation

On one hand the court refuses to stay the release of the three activists after the HC judgment, thereby legitimizing their release, yet on the other it says that the ruling cannot... Read more »
12:46 am

Global peace index reduces worldwide, India faced with a difficult future

In India, the pandemic will eventually be over, but when it is we will be having a devastated nation on all fronts – Economic, political and social, thanks to the Modi ... Read more »
2:30 pm

Will Hosabale be sympathetic to the farmer’s cause?

Being the son a farmer, he knows the struggles that farmers face. He is aware of the toil, the struggle, the poor remuneration. Most importantly, being an educated man, he knows that... Read more »
5:10 pm

Digvijaya Singh in trouble over foot in the mouth…

Singh asked Sharma whether he will send Bhagwat to Pakistan and start a NIA investigation into his statement. Read more »
7:05 pm

Mukul Roy’s return: Shape of things to come?

By leaving the BJP while being a party national Vice President and an elected MLA, Roy has also set a precedent. If the shenanigans of the Modi government continue at their present... Read more »
5:13 pm

Poor nations desperately need funding to fight Covid-19

"While many G7 countries have been generous in their contribution to ACT-A, it is a matter of grave concern to us that the financing gap for ACT-A is $19bn this year. As... Read more »
12:33 pm
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