450 fully vaccinated people infected with COVID-19 in Norway

The 450 COVID-19 infected people make up 0.03 per cent of those fully vaccinated, the FHI chief physician Sara Viksmoen Watle stated. "The incidence of such breakthrough infections among the fully vaccinated... Read more »
2:12 pm

Mumbai police exposes vaccination scam

On Monday, a report by the international newsagent CNN shared shocking details regarding a vaccine scam in Mumbai, which is under investigation by the Mumbai Police. From late May to beginning of... Read more »
1:31 pm

India reports 34,703 new COVID-19 cases

The total number of reported cases is 30.5 million, with over 402,000 deaths. The testing capacity considerably improved, a total of 42.14 crore tests have been conducted. Read more »
12:34 pm

Tamil Nadu people can look forward to normalcy after weeks of lockdown

The state witnessed a steady decline in the daily COVID-19 caseload, therefor the TN government opened up various facilities, including resumption of intra- and inter-district bus services without the mandatory e-pass and... Read more »
1:09 pm

COVID-19 cases continue downward swing in India

The total tally of COVID-19 cases stands at 30,584,872 and the death total death increased to 402,758 on Monday. Read more »
12:52 pm

Two more labs for Covid vaccine testing

Accordingly, two new vaccine testing facilities have been set up as Central Drug laboratories at DBT- NCCS, and DBT-NIAB. Read more »
12:45 pm

Covid-19 Update

While, 52,299 people recovered, pushing the total number of recoveries to 29,658,078. Active cases constitute 1.59 per cent of total infections and the recovery rate has now increased to 97.09 per cent. Read more »
1:15 pm

Vaccination of 18-44 year-olds gathers steam

Yesterday, 2008217 first-does vaccine doses were administered and 97,458 second doses those in the 18-44 years age group. Read more »
12:44 pm

Vaccination can save pregnant woman and baby

The mother would gain immunity and pass on the immunity to the baby, with the immunity remaining with the baby till birth. Pregnant women in Europe and N America were being given... Read more »
12:30 pm

COVAX calls for equal recognition of vaccines

Many countries which have successfully vaccinated most of its adult population begin to open up for tourism and travel. While having to decide on who is permitted to travel, COVAX urges all... Read more »
6:49 pm

Centre rushes teams to 6 states for COVID-19 control

Today the Centre rushed 6 multi-disciplinary teams to states witnessing a recent spike on COVID-19 cases, such as Manipur, Odisha, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Tripura and Arunachal Pradesh. Read more »
12:57 pm

Migrants in 50 countries face serious barriers accessing COVID-19 vaccines

Francesco Rocca said: “To beat COVID-19, we will need to focus both on the ‘hardware’ and the ‘software’ of successful vaccination. The hardware is about getting vaccines to every country and every... Read more »
3:00 pm

Vice President honors COVID-19 heroes on Doctor’s Day

Expressing his thanks to healthcare professionals, Naidu emphasized that the Nation will be forever grateful and shall never forget their selfless service to humanity and their sacrifice. The Vice President stressed the... Read more »
2:10 pm

SC urges Centre to compensate COVID-19 victim’s families soon

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) was asked to put guidelines together for the ex gratia payment within six weeks. A bench consisting of the Justices MR Shah and Ashok Bhushan highlighted... Read more »
3:22 pm

ISRO doing its part to fight Covid-19

Remarkably, while ISRO’s production capacity is 2.5 tons a day, scientists and other staff worked relentlessly to produce 11+ tons a day. Read more »
2:21 pm
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