Tamil Nadu people can look forward to normalcy after weeks of lockdown

The state witnessed a steady decline in the daily COVID-19 caseload, therefor the TN government opened up various facilities, including resumption of intra- and inter-district bus services without the mandatory e-pass and... Read more »
1:09 pm

More needs to be done to ensure equal literacy in India

Indian children like all others have the hunger to learn and have intelligent minds and are talented, these resources have to be nurtured and built on. An environment needs to be created... Read more »
4:13 pm

Thai police fire chemical irritants, rubber bullets at peaceful protesters

Though most of the protests were peaceful, authorities used unlawful forces to disperse the protester, by firing water cannon on 16 October, 8 November, 17 November 2020 and 28 February 2021. Rubber... Read more »
3:03 pm

Eswatini’s security forces kill dozens protesters, injure, detain and torture hundreds

Amnesty International's Director for East and Southern Africa, Deprose Muchena said, “The government of Eswatini has launched a full-frontal assault on human rights in response to ongoing pro-democracy protests. Dozens of people... Read more »
12:25 pm

Burundi activist’s release from jail, a victory for human rights

Germain’s friends and family tirelessly campaigned for his release, supported by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. It is a victory for human rights. Read more »
7:08 pm

COVAX calls for equal recognition of vaccines

Many countries which have successfully vaccinated most of its adult population begin to open up for tourism and travel. While having to decide on who is permitted to travel, COVAX urges all... Read more »
6:49 pm

1105 ‘Divyangjan’ to receive aids and assistive devices

The ‘Samajik Adhikarita Shivir’ is organized by the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPwD) together with ALIMCO and District Administration Mansa and will be held on 3 July at 11.00... Read more »
5:45 pm

Turkey’s shameful withdrawal from Istanbul Convention puts women at greater risk of violence

Turkey’s decision triggered outrage and has been condemned by governments, world leaders and international bodies worldwide, including European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and US President Joe Biden. It sparkled protests... Read more »
5:26 pm

Eswatini authorities crush ‘Pro-democratic’ peaceful protests

After recent escalations, the pro-democratic protests are intensifying in Eswatini. Two days ago, one protester was killed after police forces fired teargas and live ammunition at peaceful protesters, seven others were critically... Read more »
6:49 pm

Brutal crackdown on human rights set tone for August election in Zambia

In its report Amnesty International details the immense crackdown on human rights in Zambia, such as freedom of expression, the shut-down of media outlets, peaceful assembly, people being killed by police and... Read more »
6:25 pm

The longer vaccination takes in Latin America and Caribbean, the more dangerous it becomes for the rest of the world

The longer it takes to get Caribbeans and Latin Americans fully vaccinated, the higher the risk for new and deadlier mutations of COVID-19 which will spread to other parts of the world. Read more »
4:38 pm

Agitating farmers stand firm, demand repeal of Centre’s farm laws

Today the farmers staged a protest near Raj Bhavans across India, submitting a memorandum to Governors, which demands the repeal of the three farm laws and a new law, to guarantee a... Read more »
7:32 pm

Injustice against journalist Pratasevich in Belarus continues

Recent reports say that Pratasevich and his partner Sapega have been moved to house arrest. Amnesty International demands their unconditional immediate release, saying the arrest was unlawful and that they have been... Read more »
6:26 pm

UN condemns air strike killing dozens civilians in Tigray region in Ethiopia, demand prompt investigation

Ethiopia’s military took responsebility for the bombing in a crowded market, stating they were targeting only combatants. However the bloody attack happened as vote counting was under way following national elections held... Read more »
4:48 pm

Next to childhood malnutrition, now over-nutrition becomes a rising concern

There is a growing number of obese children and youth. The Additional Secretary (Health and Nutrition), NITI Aayog, Dr Rakesh Sarwal described obesity as a “silent epidemic.” Read more »
7:58 pm
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